Serious issue on animated model importing in cesium

Hello Cesium Team,
I’m getting lots of errors regarding shaders and attributes when I’m loading a downloaded animated model from mixamo. I’ve downloaded .fbx file and converted it to .glb from blender. Everything is working fine in blender.

But cesium is crashing when importing glb (blender converted) file in Cesium. I’ve created another animated model from the scratch in blender and exported it in glb and then imported it in cesium. That one is working fine. But I’m not good at blender animation, So I want to use mixamo’s animated models.

Please check the attached screenshot of console full of error messages. And suggest me how can I make it working. Please it’s really important to me.

You can find .fbx and .glb file also in the zip file link1, link2, link3

I apologies if the download link is not working. You can download any animated model from mixamo then convert it to glb from blender and import in cesium to raise these errors.(I’ve used blue SWAT model with a walking animation for testing purpose.

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Somehow I have repaired and exported glb file from blender and loaded it into cesium. Not getting any exceptions now. BUT, model is not appearing. Entity is getting created by model is completely transparent. I have tried same glb file in and it’s rendering fine there.

Please check the attached blender file and export it in glb and check in cesium.

link1, link2

Is it a bug or there is any mistake I’m doing on exporting. Please suggest.

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I’ve found it’s a blender exporting issue. Exported same file from blender version 8.0 is working fine.

Hi @Jacky,

Has this issue with CesiumJS been resolved?


Hi @sam.rothstein,

It’s blender’s exporting issue when we convert any fbx file to glb with it. Model is not getting transparent, it’s scale value is getting changed to 0. After changing it’s scale to 1000 by ceisumjs, model is appearing. This scaling issue is with all the later versions of blender 8.0.

For now we can say that this issue is not with CesiumJS, But I’m still looking for a proper solution rather than using blender 8.0.

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Hi @Jacky, I understand now :pray: Thanks for updating the community!