Blender COLLADA export

We do not seem to be able to get the COLLADA exports from blender to import into the online glTF converter.

Can anyone point us to details of how to successfully export models.


Could you post the COLLADA file you’re trying to convert? I exported a simple box from Blender and it converted fine (attached).

untitled.dae (9.11 KB)

We tried again and cannot open these in blender, export as COLLADA and then convert online.


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The crash seems to be a bug in COLLADA2GLTF. I opened an issue here:

In any case it seems like the textures are not included in the blend file and you might be better off converting the dae/image in the zip folder instead, which does work with the online converter.

Hi Ian,

I was trying to create something with Blender and export it to .glb. There is a Blender plug-in by the same group (KhronosGroup):

I was able to export my Blender file (with animation) into .glb, which showed up fine in Cesium.

I tried one of your files (a318) but I only got to the point of exporting a glb file showing only some parts of the plane (you can look at your exports at this link: I suspect there are some issues with the normal and if its fixed you might be able to get the glb files directly, and skip the COLLADA step (the online converter has a maximum size limit anyway).

Hope that helps.