14MB Collada to glb file

Hi there,
I was trying to convert 14MB collada file to .glb file but as there is a size restriction on the Online conversion tool, I'm trying for other alternatives. Please suggest.

Shiva Kumar.

Hello Shiva,

You can download the collada2gltf converter to run it locally. See this repository for instructions: https://github.com/KhronosGroup/COLLADA2GLTF/wiki



Thanks for the reply, I have binary collada2gltf.exe which I have used to convert the models but every time I could get an output format of .gltf, is there any way I get a .glb file using offline tool.

Ah, sorry, it looks like that collada2gltf converter might not have a glb option.


I was able to generate a glb file using gltf file with the help of gltf-Pipeline module (https://groups.google.com/forum/#!topic/cesium-dev/7IIvd7rhGj4). But only one problem I'm facing currently is Models which are exported are upside down :frowning: , Any help is appreciated on how we can make them exported with their orientation as is.

Shiva Kumar.

Infact Collada2GLTF.exe is flipping the model upside down. I have found this while adding exported gltf file into cesium viewer.

I think the problem is with your model, not the converter. I think you’ll have open the collada file in an editor and re-orient it.