Online converter not working with any files

Hello. When trying to use the online converter, I always get a javascript popup window with a generic 500 - Internal Sever Error message. This happens every time I try to upload a file, be it in Collada format or Obj format. What's happening?


The model converter seems to be up and running. Would you be able to attach your model so we can troubleshoot the problem?



Sure, here’s one of the Collada files I’m trying to convert.


Daniel (634 KB)

I was able to get the model to convert fine by just dragging/dropping the entire zip file you sent over into the model converter page
It did take a minute or so to convert, so I just had to wait for it.
I’ve attached the .glb it ouput



Panamax.glb (2.37 MB)

Hello Hannah! Sorry for taking so long to respond.

Thanks for the file! After that, I tried the online converter again from a computer on a better network and this time I got some of the files to work. So I’m guessing the error might be due to some kind of time out?

There’s still one COLLADA file I can’t convert using the online converter. It’s also the largest one, which is also why I think it may be a timeout problem (the zipped file is only ~2 mega, but uncompressed it has around 15 mega). I’m attaching the file, so if you can, please confirm to me if that’s the case.

I was hoping that using the offline COLLADA2GLTF converter I would be able to work around these size issues, but even though I can get the converter to work and convert the files, for some reason I can’t get them to be displayed on the Cesium map.

Would you be able to provide an example of a command line that would work in a similar way to the online converter? Also, why does the online converter convert to GLB, while the offline one converts to GLTF? (asking because GLB seems to work better?)

Thanks for all the help! (2.69 MB)

No problem, glad to help.
GLB (binary glTF) is the compressed version of glTF and results in smaller file sizes. Other than that, there shouldn’t be any differences.

The online converter has a max file size of 10MB, so I think that’s why your 15MB model isn’t converting.

Sorry, but I’m not very familiar with running the offline converter. Hopefully someone else who has used it can give you some pointers.



I’m having trouble converting that model too with the offline converter. It seems like a pretty complicated model.