Collada to glTF online conversion tool is down


For the last couple of days, the online tool is returning a “unkown error has occured” message.

The HTTP request shows a “405 Method Not Allowed” response.


I have downloaded and ran the stand alone binaries (collada2gltf.exe and colladaToBglTFConverter.jar) but, somehow, I failed at generating the exact same output as the online tool:

  • I can’t get these tools to ouput the same binary format (.glb), only glTF is working.

  • the lighting is different (the model seems to be illuminated) even though I used the “-l false” option

Any tips on how to configure these two tools so to reproduce what the online tool is doing?

Many thanks,


Thanks for the heads up. There was a SNAFU on the server configuration end that temporarily disabled the converter. It is back up now. Please let me know if you’re still having problems.