Conversion Tools

Hey all,

I was wondering as to the best conversion tools to use, in order to convert a Collada (.dae) model into a GLTF or B3DM model for 3D tiles. I know of COLLADA2GLTF command line tool (, however is the tool officially supported/will it have on going development by Khronos? As I need something that will continue to support the GLTF Or Collada specification should they change. Also I’ve seen other tools here (, which convert GTLF models into GLB, or B3DM however they don’t seem to have active support.

Therefore I was wondering weather its was best to write your own conversion tools, or to use these?

Many thanks for all your advice.

Hi Abhub,

The Cesium team actually does the bulk of the contributions to COLLADA2GLTF nowadays, and we are, for example, upgrading it to glTF 2.0. There are also a bunch of other glTF tools here.

As part of the upcoming app and REST services, we are developing a COLLADA/glTF/etc-to-3D-Tiles converter. I would love to test on your data with it if you are able to share any. Email me at