how to convert .dae model to .b3dm? to convert .dae model to .b3dm ? can i use collada2gltf tools to convert the dae model? to generate the tileset.json metaldata ?



The Cesium team at AGI is working on upcoming tools to do this, see

Others have also written custom converters that tile a dataset up into several .b3dm files, often using COLLADA2GLTF to generate the embedded glTF. There’s not a ton of info on this yet, but Sean and I are giving a talk on tiling strategies at Web3D at the end of July and will post the slides.


As Patrick said there is the dae->glTF tool. and I have uploaded my repo to github, the code is little bit messy (especially the index.js) but it should work.

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Hi Patrick,

Is there any video record of your tiling strategies talk at Web3D 2016 on youtube or else?

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend the conference but really wanna listen your section if it is possible.


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You can see our published presentations at


sure, the are two components,
1. Converts the gtlf to b3dm (or to glb but it is just for testing): managed by the jobManager in the index.js, that can create as many convertors as it wants. the jobManager contains the file paths, files that failed & succeed, config etc.

2. the tileset generator that takes all the files and their extents and creates the tileset.json (but you should change the code their.. that depends on the tree you want to create)

I'm sorry for the mess there, Im still working around. If you clean this up I'll be glad to merge it.

You should know I have an issue over there. issue #4333 in cesium repo

Oh, thanks Hannah,

Great link :slight_smile:


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json array with all the gltf file names in the Input directory. follow the code and you will see... reading the file test->parse->convert the listed files

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Hello daniel,

I used the tools you uploaded to Github, from gltf to b3dm, I tried using this tool to convert my own gltf file, the conversion was successful, but the converted b3dm file was shown on cesium, the model was black, Overlooking the time to see the normal model of the color, but the model is still relatively dark, you know how to set the parameters? Or what else is needed to show normal? Looking forward to your reply. thank you very much!


Best regards

Hi,i couldn't find Input/allFile.txt,and i try to write followed as,but not correct:
  "basePath": "C:/DEL/kirona",
  "parallelJobs": "1",
  "processors": "",
  "allFiles": "Covering.gltf",
  "emptyFiles": "",
  "failedFiles": "",
  "doneFiles": "",
  "nextIndex": "0",
  "rtcCenter": "Cesium.Cartesian3.fromDegrees(2.82519, 41.9874, -50)"
do u know the detail?thanks
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