collada to GLTF converter

Hello All,

we are trying to generated gltf from dae file ,using the existing converter tool provided by cesium org as given in the below link:

once we dragged and dropped the existing and working dae from google earth, the generated gltf is inappropriate as we are unable to render the generated gltf with code of

cesium sandcastle example of 3D model .

could you please let us know whether we have missed out on anything in the process of generation of gltf.

thanks a lot.

thanks and regards


Hi Chandrika,

Have you seen the troubleshooting section in the 3D model tutorial:

Was this model exported from SketchUp? If so check out:!topic/cesium-dev/snu7ZhSNuwI

If you still have issues, please send me the COLLADA model and we’ll have a look.



What version of the gltf converter does the use?

Hello Patrik,

that was very informative and thanks a lot could manage to render my 3D model on cesium map.

thanks and reagards,


Great news, Chandrika.

Denver - It uses the latest version that generates glTF 0.8.