3d model problem

I have 3d model(.dae and texture files). I tried to use convert glTF with using http://cesiumjs.org/convertmodel.html . But it gives only .gltf file and it doesnt work with cesiumjs. Apps/Sandcastle/models/CesiumAir folder has textures(png), .json and .glsl files.

"glTF file (.json) along with its geometry (.bin), textures (usually .png or .jpg), and shaders (.glsl)"

is it changed?

Are you using the Cesium 1.0 release? I believe the converter on the website produces glTF 0.8 files, which require Cesium 1.0 for support.

More details in this thread: https://groups.google.com/d/topic/cesium-dev/KNl2K3Cazno/discussion