3D models

can you add support for loading .obj or .3ds 3D models with texture as they are the most common type of model found on the web . (there is not much gltf and the dae to gltf online converter dont work much , i never succeed to make it work with the obj to dae online converters you can find on the web , i wonder if any test was made about it ...) ?


You might be able to use the obj to glTF converter Sean wrote: https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/OBJ2GLTF



thanks , meanwhile i have written some small functions that load 3D objtxt obj string files directly in Cesium geometry and primitive , from 3D models datas used in my javascript webgl flight sim "mywebglflight". you can find it at my new flight sim "myCesiumflight"
there => http://chungswebsite.blogspot.fr/search/label/myCesiumflight
or there => https://github.com/chungkn1400/myCesiumflight
if you are interested .

The online collada to gltf converter seems to work pretty well for most people. Do you have an example of a model that is failing to convert?

Maybe useful for others to the list, seeking models to add in their Cesium app.

About 3D models and their availability on the web, I found very useful the function in google sketch

where you can download models from their 3d-warehouse [1]
then save as collada.dae and convert them with the collide to glTF web app.

The models I used are pretty simple, static, without animation but they works fine for my use case.

My Thanks to the developers :slight_smile:


[1] https://3dwarehouse.sketchup.com/?hl=en

heres a file i converted from obj to fbx then to dae with the fbx models converter i downloaded yesterday

i get “a unknown error has occured” with the cesium online converter (but i succeed with another file c150 cessna)

anyway it doesnt matter no more as i managed to load any obj 3D models with texture into cesium geometry and primitives , i have a program that converts .obj and .3ds models to objtxt.js javascript files. (see the alphajet & f14 in myCesiumflight_chung )

f14_2.obj.dae (730 KB)