gITF converter problem

Hi to all

I cannot convert the very simple attached dae file to gITF according to the attached tutorial.

The conferter keeps working without an outcome

Can you help? Does someone have a sample gITF file I could use?

A How-To Guide For Exploring 3D Buildings in Cesium.pdf (2.23 MB)

WFC1.7z (43.9 KB)


It looks like our model converter is down right now. We’re looking into the problem. I’ll let you know when it’s back up and running.



Thank you @ Hannah

It looks like the model converter is back up and running.
Make sure you include any external files (like .png textures) along with your .dae file when you drag/drop it on the converter.



Thank you very much for the quick response,

can import now my 3d models, but the outcomes are in .glb format. When I
insert a very simple 3d model (a box), I get the .glb file and it can be seen inside the converter box.

I try a more complicated model, I get a .glb file and a runtime error for a variety of the Cecium.js file (:424:15420, 450:25837 …) occurs.

What do I miss?

Thank you again very much!

Best regards,


It looks like you’re missing the texture files that are required by your model. There are two options for fixing this:

You can zip the .dae file up with your .jpg files and send them to the converter, or

Select all relevant files from your file explorer and drag/drop them all onto the converter at once.