After updating to cesium version 1.109 camera methods not working

Hi All,
I was working on a project where I used cesiumjs version 1.99. Later when I updated the library to 1.109 I see that the camera functions stop to work.
I was using a lot of camera callbacks such as flyTo, setView, lookAt etc.
Even if I directly pass the cartesian3 value into the camera.position still it doesn’t work.
Can anyone help me about that ? I am stuck for two days in it.

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Hi there,

Would you be able to provide a code example? No changes to these functions were intentional, but I haven’t seen any other similar reports.

What I found is the problem is not with cesium rather it is related to the combination of the packages of resium and cesium as I am working on a react project. The resium version 1.17.0 and cesium latest version getting bug of rendering duplicate cesium canvas.