Alternative sky that works on Intel HD3000 Macs?


I thought you already had a workaround? Just one that doesn’t work in the general case for all apps. Given the limited views of your app, you may just be able to move forward with that for now.

When I see you in March, I can better diagnose the problem since I’ll be able to reproduce it. In the meantime, maybe a driver update will fix it. Given Apple, that is a big maybe, I know.


Yeah, I know, I’m not expecting anything from Apple. Unfortunately my “workaround” no longer works, I think it was just a fluke.

I am trying to locate more people with my graphics card to rule out my Mac being defective. On the upside, I just went to BestBuy today and tested it on all new Macs (Intel HD4000 and NVidia) and they all worked fine. So I’m hopeful…



I have confirmed the problem with 2 other Macs with this graphics hardware.

I may have a workaround. I cannot share it with you yet because the solution lives entirely within my LAN at the moment, but I can confirm it solved the sky flickering problem.

I stood up MapProxy to create a TMS service on top of my PostGIS/mapnik stack using geographic instead of mercator projection. Then changed my code to use Cesium.TileMapServiceImageProvider with GeographicTilingScheme. This bypassed Cesium’s tile re-projection code and now things render beautifully on both my Air and my VAIO.

I am going to try and expose this to the Internet and have my friends with HD3000 Macs try it out.

Looking forward to the final update on this. It sounds like a very good workaround.


The workaround was successful.

I’m in the process or re-rendering all of my Cesium tiles in EPSG:4326. Not happy about needing 2x the storage to support both Cesium and OpenLayers 2.x, but for the time being I’m willing to live with it.

There is still an unresolved issue with a 2010 Macbook Pro (Intel HD3000 / Snow Leopard) not rendering billboards at all.



The other benefit of EPSG:4326 is it will be faster to load since the tiles require less processing once downloaded.

For the billboard issue, we may have that hardware (I’m not sure), but can you post the WebGL Report for the machine, and also see if there are any errors in the console when you try to use billboards. Again, based on the millions of Cesium users from the Santa site, I have to suspect this is a driver bug.



Here is the WebGL Report from the offending Macbook Pro. I noticed only one difference from my Air (Max Cube Map Texture Size is half). There were no errors in the console.

In other news, I was at the WebGL meetup last night (previewing Blackberry 10 which is very cool BTW), and we got an update from the Chrome and Mozilla guys with respect to the standards work. There was a meeting among all the Bay Area vendors (including Apple) and they are on board with fixing their driver bugs, so we should be seeing updates to OSX.