Skybox (star field background) disappears on MacBook Air, fine on MacBook Pro

One of our developers uses a MacBook Air, and he’s not seeing the Skybox (star field background) in our app, but I see it fine on my MacBook Pro. I thought it was something with his machine until I checked with a colleague who’s also got an Air and didn’t see the skybox.

Is this some hardware limitation of the Air? Anything I can do to dig into it? Not a show-stopper, just quite a surprise when I was giving a demo to my funders!



We’ve known about this issue for a while, and there is a lengthy thread on it here:!topic/cesium-dev/Q9-Maq6jyKk It’s a problem with Intel HD 3000 based Macs. While we don’t have a fix yet, we should finally have a Mac in-house that shows the problem in the next day or so. Hopefully the fix will be easy, but there’s always the possibility that the problem goes deeper. Either way, we’ll know more soon.



WebGL on Macs with Intel HD 3000 is broken. That’s my conclusion. Apple’s drivers are buggy and I seriously doubt they will fix them. I’m willing to bet the Pro uses the discreet ATI or NVidia by default while the Air is HD3000. On another note, those bugs are not present in the HD4000 series (I tested the new Air at Best Buy with Cesium).

My co-founder has 2 Macs with Intel HD3000 and we’re starting to lose faith in our effort because of these bugs. These machines have a large installed base and it will take a long time for them to go away.

Another issue I’ve seen: Some HD3000 Macs do not render Cesium billboards.


I just noticed that discussion while catching up on the topics:!topic/cesium-dev/NU-d53X8mj4

Not rendering BillBoards will definitely be a show-stopper.

Thanks for info and the heads-up!