Amazon S3 Help!

Hi Folks - complete noob here but i’m trying to connect an S3 account with Cesium Ion, is there a walk-through guide available? I’m sure i’m doing something wrong either in S3 or Cesium as i always get an error telling me there are no source files. I understand the Access Key and Secret Access Key elements but i don’t know how to enter the details for the rest. Any help is gratefully appreciated!

Hi @ABZ - welcome to the community forum! Have you seen our REST API guide? There’s a section on using S3 (step 2) in that tutorial.

Hi @Eli thanks for the response. I’m just trying to get some data into Cesium Ion via the My Assets>Add data>Add from S3 and haven’t been able to get access or use Cesium SDK yet. Similarly i haven’t used any code in Amazon S3, just uploaded the data to a new bucket. The REST API guide asks for code which is a bit beyond me!