How to connect cesium ion to my bucket s3?

I want to connect CesiumIon to my own bucket s3, can that be done by changing the configuration of the cesium json, or is it impossible to do so?

I suspect that is probably not possible, the point of Cesium Ion is to host your data for you (as well as perform the processing of it) - that is what their business model is about.

The free tier gives you 5GB of storage so check it out, it might be enough for you.

Someone from the Cesium team would need to comment on whether it is possible to link your S3 account.

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It is indeed possible to tile directly from your S3 bucket, and not host the source data on Cesium ion, which does save you money since you don’t need as much storage on Cesium ion then. We wrote more about this here:

What happens is that it does not say how to connect to your own bucket just says that cesium already assigns you one

If you sign in to Cesium ion, then go to:

You should see a “Add from S3” button. That lets you specify your bucket and access credentials so that Cesium ion can pull data from it. Do you see that option?

Thank you very much if I have been able to process the image from my bucket in ion, one last doubt from the api I can process images of my bucket in ion

And another thing is supposed to be processed from my s3 bucket but in the memory used, if I add the image as if I had saved it in the cesium bucket

If you’re asking if you can use the REST API to upload an asset to Cesium ion from your S3 bucket, the answer is yes. If you look at the postAssets route:

And then click on “from”, you can see where your bucket credentials can be passed.

I’m not sure about your other question. Can you rephrase or provide an example of what you mean?

Ok, I better explain what I want to do full, I have those images that are in the blue rectangle, in a bucket that is mine, I followed your instructions to upload them from the ION cesium api, and also from the add button, but in both cases, if I use the bucket memory provided by Cesium, as shown in the red rectangle, the only thing I want is for the images in my bucket to be processed by cesium ion, and since they are not stored in the bucket that cesium gives me.

So to clarify, you’d like Cesium ion to store the output in your S3 bucket?

This isn’t currently possible with the Cesium ion SaaS. You might be more interested in the on-premise 3D tiling option (see, so you can run the tiling pipeline on your own server.

Hi omar,

What should I put in the bucket box for example?
I tried to put the Bucket ARN like arn:aws:s3:::test-cesium,
but I keep getting errors.