An atmospheric line in my render video

So I loaded the sample project as I need just a simple landscape video capture but there seems to be a weird line in the distance that looks like fog. At first I thought it was the volumetric clouds but rendered a video without them but the line is still there. I am using PostProcessVolume to make the light stable and don’t have to deal with auto exposure. Any leads on what might be the problem?

Hi @voinbg,

I’m not sure off the top of my head what is causing this. Can I have some more information to try and identify the problem?

  1. Are you relatively near the CesiumGeoreference? I’m not sure if it’s related, but the sky / atmosphere has some known bugs when you get further from the georeference origin, as described in this Github issue.
  2. Does the line stay at the same height when you move the camera around?
  3. Does this happen in both the editor view and in play mode?

Hello, @janine ,

  1. I am staying a few kilometers from the CesiumGeoreference coordinates
  2. The line moves in a weird way. It’s both in front of an object and behind it. I will post screenshots.
  3. This only happens when I render a video using the sequencer. When I am inside the editor everything looks great.

I think the problem the fog that I don’t know how to turn off or change the distance where it renders. Can’t find anything in the details menu for any ot the cesium actors.