ant build problem for nodejs

Hi, I have a problem with nodejs.

I install nodejs to my computer (windows)
I put envirement variable path as a nodejs folder

But when I tried to build cesiumjs at eclipse it gives that error
`C:\Users\emre\workspace\PeerMeshServer\WebContent\gis\cesium\build.xml:295: Node.js is required to run this part of the build. Install from`

I installed nodejs and when I write "node -v" to cmd, result is "v.0.10.30",
where is the problem?

If you installed NodeJS while Eclipse was running, it won’t see the change that the installer made to the system path. Try restarting Eclipse. Then, if you go to Help - About Eclipse - Installation Details - Configuration and find the line for java.library.path, you should see the path that Eclipse is using, and you can check to make sure the NodeJS installation folder is in the list.