Issues building CesiumJS from source

I’ve ran the cmds to build CesiumJS from source.

  1. npm install

  2. npm run build

  3. npm start

I see the links to select things like “Hello World”. But no matter what link I try, the page will time out. Issue look to be that Cesium.js is missing from the Build dir. I’ve checked the “Build” dir and the only files in there are “minifyShaders.state” (which has just one line in it of false) and “package.json” (which has just one line in it of…{"type":"commonjs"}… Output from running npm run build is…

cesium@1.94.3 build
gulp build
Using gulpfile ~/Desktop/CesiumWork/cesium/gulpfile.cjs
Starting ‘build’…
Finished ‘build’ after 6.27 s

I’m sure I’ve done something wrong. Any suggestions what is going on? Thanks.

Hi @icarter09

To build the Hello World example, you need to run the minifyRelease script, like so:

npm run minifyRelease

For more details, refer to the Build Guide.

Hope this helps!

Yes it does. Thank you!

I discovered the cmd I was looking for was npm run release. That created the Unminified version of things. I see now what the npm cmds are doing and what the test page is saying. Thanks again!