Anti-aliasing not working?

Can I adjust the display quality by adjusting parameters?

My model looks rough on iOS mobile devices. As shown in the first image.

Our original texture is much clearer, as shown in the second image.

I tried setting parameters resolutionScale and fxaa, no changes.

Code & data

see the attachment and link


We want to control the display quality. Is this possible?

3D Tiles Photogrammetry (2.47 KB)

Just to make sure, have you already tried the resolutionScale solution Sean posted here?

When I try it on your tileset I can definitely see a quality improvement, at least on desktop.

It looks like it might just not be rendering to a high enough resolution on that mobile screen, which I think is what that setting is supposed to fix, based on the explanation here:

Also, I believe scene.fxaa has been deprecated:

Thank you Omar. I tried that method in your link and it works!

Although it may not be a good practice to setting “viewer.resolutionScale=window.devicePixelRatio”, it is still a practical approach to achieve high quality with some sacrifice of performance.

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