3D display differences on the desktop and web display


OS:Win10 Install dx9.0c

chrome 63.0.3239.84(64)

graphics card : gtx1050

graphics driver:

graphics card:gtx1050

I want to know what is causing this situation

Is the reason for FXAA?



It could be FXAA related. Have you tried turning FXAA off for both and comparing the difference?

Another possibility is the web version is using the window’s devicePixelRatio to render to a small viewport than the screen, which can cause it to appear blurry after it is upsampled. It’s possible that attribute is not part of the Electron viewer.

Check out this bullet in the Cesium 1.18 change log. Can you try including the code below and see if it makes a difference?

Thank you very much .

This devicePixelRatio to improve the quality is obvious.

But will Caton, and anti-aliasing will be worse when the scene is pulled away

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