Any Examples of Porting over Networklinks from Google Earth to Cesium

I have updated to Cesium 1.19 to get use of networklinks.

I have code from Google Earth Plugin I have to port over.

Does anyone have better documentation on networklinks in Cesium ?

Thank you


Ex..(Google Earth Plug in code..)

      var networkLink = ge.createNetworkLink("");
      networkLink.setDescription("NetworkLink open to fetched content");
      networkLink.setName("Open NetworkLink");

      // create a Link object
      var link = ge.createLink("");

      if (sensorMap[tgt].indexOf("kmz") != -1)
         var kmzUrl = 'http://' + server + '/aftweb/google_earth/active/' + tgt + '.kmz';

         var kmlUrl = 'http://' + server + '/aftweb/google_earth/active/' + tgt + '.kml';


   if (tgt == 'status')

      // attach the Link to the NetworkLink