KML network link interval

I'm new to CESIUM and want to transfer my GE application to CESIUM. So far it works good, except the dynamic KML refresh via a network link. The network link loads the KML file but does not refresh according to the interval time. Is this a known issue or is that feature not implemented yet?


It’s a feature that hasn’t been implemented yet. We’re hoping to greatly enhance NetworkLink support before the end of the year. Keep an eye on

is their any work around possible until the network link feature gets available? I have to refresh the changing kml every 10 sec.


I believe this is still a few months off.

Ruediger, without changing Cesium code, you would have to hard code the clearing and reloading of the KmlDataSource at the application level.

It might not be too hard to add simple refresh handling to Cesium yourself by modifying the processNetworkLink to check for the property and add a setTimeout call. There’s more involved in a full implementation, but that maybe be enough for your use case. If you have any success, it would be cool to share your code and maybe we can incorporate it into Cesium for the next release.