Network Link Control Update Proposal


I believe I have a working (at least semi-working) solution for Network Link Control Updates, and I’d like to see if the next step is really just to put up a PR up for it. However, without a deep understanding in the KML/Z DataSource code, I’m sure there’s stuff I’m missing. It’s done in a pretty simple way.

  • There’s an object that holds a map (kml/z url → {kml, dataSource})
  • Every time a kml/z comes in from a network link, it’s saved in the map
  • If an Update tag is found, the targetHref is used to get the previously stored kml and data source
  • The kml is processed using the Change/Create/Delete tags and then loaded back into the data source

I haven’t seen a good way to

  • do this without a global in the KmlDataSource file (to hold references to the kml/dataSources)
  • remove the previously stored values when the kml is removed

I haven’t written tests yet since I’d like to see if the design is something that needs to change

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Hi @njrivera - welcome to the community forum! The solution sounds interesting but it’s a bit tough for me to get a sense of the changes without seeing them in a PR. I’d say to go ahead and open one - even if it’s without specs - just so we can take a look at your code and give better feedback. Thanks!

Thanks @Eli, I opened a draft PR here NetworkLinkControl Updates by njrivera · Pull Request #9596 · CesiumGS/cesium · GitHub

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