Any Unity integration planned for future?

Congrats to Cesium on getting the Epic Mega grant and I’m excited to see what will come out for Unreal. I’m wondering if Unity integration is also in the pipeline or if it’s only going to be Unreal? Was the Epic grant the reason for going with that engine?


Thanks Kyle! I can’t speak to any official plans at the moment but we would definitely love to see/support 3D Tiles & Cesium in Unity, since interoperability is a core principle of why we created 3D Tiles and made it an open standard.

I would strongly reccomend to implement interoperability with UNITY. We have done some works on inclusion of reality mesh which primarily was dedicated to CESIUM in UNITY environment. Would be great to have ‘CESIUM world’ in Unity.

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I second that opinion. Unity is in need of real world data for AR and VR applications involving a digital twin of the world