Full scale world


I saw your “Project Anywhere Full-Scale Globe Into Unreal Engine As 3D Tiles” and was wondering if there are currently any option to access those 3dtile and not just some cities in the world, or if you plan to make it available to the public at one point? Also for Unity maybe?
Thank you :slight_smile:


Cesium offers global terrain, imagery, and buildings to all Cesium ion users. There are a number of free additional tilesets available in the Asset Depot as well, including photogrammetry of several cities. You can access all of this by making a free Cesium ion account. Check out our Learn page for info on how to get started using it.

To your question about Unity, we don’t have a Unity integration at this time, but Cesium for Unreal is built on Cesium Native, an open source, engine-agnostic 3D Tiles and glTF streaming library. We believe Cesium Native will be key to enabling 3D Tiles and geospatial workflows in 3D engines in the future.

Hope that helps! Thanks for your questions!