Anybody ever get Cesium working inside of a create-react-app setup? Hopefully without "ejecting" ?

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Yes, you can use Cesium with CRA, but to my knowledge it still requires ejecting or using a tool like react-app-rewired to override parts of the config.

I specifically wrote a post showing what to add Cesium to a CRA app :

Thanks for taking the time to write that blog posting!
I will soon start working my way through it.

On cursory view, I did not see you using the npm package "cesium-react" (

Is that a limited implementation of cesium? (Sorry I'm a complete noob to Cesium at the moment)

No, I haven’t used that yet. There was a post on the Cesium blog about it a couple months ago, though. It provides React components that help simplify the process of setting up the Cesium globe and rendering some items on there. As you can see in part 2 of my post ( ) , I’ve done a more “manual” approach to wrapping up Cesium logic in React components. If you’re just getting started, though, that cesium-react library might be a good choice.

A few days ago I used create-react-app, ejected, and followed these instructions: ... a few changes were necessary but not much.