Immediate Contract Opportunity: Cesium with React. (short/long term based on interest)


I am looking to hire a Cesium/React.js developed for what should be a simple project initially - - basic globe, navigation, primitives, drawing, markers, annotations, search/fly to functions. Once complete there is a substantial project that will build upon this if you are interested.

Looking for someone ASAP.

If interested please email me at

Thank you!

No interest or availability to work on this myself (I’ve got a full-time job already), but you may be interested in these resources for helping build that kind of project.

I wrote a pair of posts on setting up Webpack to work with Cesium, and writing React components to control Cesium:

Those posts assume use of Create-React-App. CRA 2 just came out yesterday. Haven’t had a chance to try it with Cesium yet, but the instructions may still be useful.

The Cesium docs have a section on Webpack setup:

There was also a post earlier this year on a “cesium-react” library that provides React components that wrap much of Cesium’s functionality: