I am a enthusiast student towards technology. I found interest in Cesium while searching for GSOC organisation. I would love to participate and code for Cesium. I looked up to the idea list and i found an interesting idea "Vector Data Visualization with JSON " . I have worked with maps earlier and working now also . I understand the idea . I would like to discuss it further.



Hi Abhiram,

First, thanks for your interest in Cesium. While we can’t officially select applicants until May, we’re more than happy to discuss any ideas in the meantime and help you familiarize yourself with the project. As for vector/geospatial data specifically, we are open to ideas. We are hoping to add support for a variety of formats; GeoJSON, TopoJSON, GML, Web Feature Services, KML… etc. We have own format, CZML, and an architecture called DynamicScene, which will most likely play a part in supporting these formats. We also have a .NET based KML to CZML converter, but we are open to doing more client-side in Javascript. I encourage you to get a build of Cesium up and running on your machine (you can even fork us on github if you’d like), browse the documentation, and demos on in order to get a feel for the type of things we do. If you have specific ideas on how we could process GeoJSON or TopoJSON into our existing architecture, we would love to hear about it.