GSoC 2013 Introduction


I am a first-year Computer Science student from the National University of Singapore and

I’m interested in working on Vector Data Visualization with JSON, Credits layout, or other Novice projects that are available.

Previously, I have worked with Javascript for a semester in my university programming module (a Javascript version of MIT’s

Structure and Interpretation of Programs), tinkered with the Google Maps API ,and have had a brief stint with JSON and the Youtube API during a hackathon earlier this year. Through Google Summer of Code I intend to gain as much Javascript experience as possible during the summer by reading more open-source code and by working on interesting real-world projects such as Cesium.

Could you clarify what “adding support for GeoJSON and TopoJSON” entails? I understand that Cesium has its own format, CZML, and if I understand correctly, this project aims to convert these other vector data formats into CZML or other desirable formats using client-side javascript?

I still consider myself a novice to javascript and am new to these file formats, so do let me know what other resources I can look at to get started with this project.

Thank you for your time! :slight_smile:



Hi Yos, thanks for your interest in Cesium. More likely than not, implementing GeoJSON and TopJSON will involve parsing the formats into DynamicScene objects. Since both formats only include geometry, we’ll also need to come up with a good way for people to associate graphics with the data defined in each feature. So why we have CZML as our own format, we won’t be translating to CZML, but rather reusing the same objects/visualization system that we use to visualize CZML.