[GSoC 2013] Introduction and idea discusion

hello all,
First of all I would like to congratulate the cesium team for their wonderful work. I would also like to be part of it. I am an undergrad student from India and I would like to participate in GSoC 2013 under cesium.

I have looked into the ideas page and has selected the idea “Vector Data Visualization with JSON”. I have already contacted Matt who will be mentoring this project.

I have successfully set up my development environment and forked the source code for both cesium and czml-writer. I have successfully built the projects. However many tests didn’t pass which belong to the renderer layer of the cesium architecture stack. I am looking for the reason to why they failed.

Right now I am reading through the czml, geoJSON and topoJSON specifications. Along with it I am studying the czml-writer and the DynamicScene architecture as suggested by Matt. Also i am understanding cesium through the documentation and demos.

At present I am not aware how exactly dynamicObjectCollection handles czml. But I think the aim of this project is to incorporate similar processing capability for the other formats. There can also be a conversion mechanism, which converts the other formats to czml. Please tell me more about this.

thank you


Ayudh Das

Hi Ayudh,

Welcome. As for the failing tests, can you make sure that your video card drivers are up to date and that you are running the latest version of Chrome or Firefox?

If you still have test failures, can you tell us which tests fail and what OS and video card you have? Does Sandcastle run OK?




Thank you patrick for the response. I updated the graphics driver of both my graphics adapters and i made sure that i am using the latest version of my browser. I am using google chrome stable release version (presently Version 26.0.1410.64 m). However I have issues running webgl in firefox.
I am using a dell inspiron n5110 with windows 7 professional (x64)

My hardware specs are:

intel i5 2410 2.Ghz

graphics hardware:

intel HD graphics 3000 (came with the processor)

Nvidia gt525m (using optimus technology)

500 gb HDD

4 gb RAM

I think the Nvidia card can be a problem. I tried a lot and couldn’t get webgl to work on firefox. However it works fine on chrome. Attached is my webglreport.com findings.[1]

Both the given and the built version of hello world and the cesium viewer app runs successfully on my system. The sandcastle app runs fine too in my local machine.

The test result

219 failed out of 3661 tests (total tests)

218 failed out of 1075 tests (webgl tests)

1 failed out of 2586 tests (non webgl tests)


non webgl tests:

1 failed test : Scene/polylineCollection is picked

webgl tests:

21 failed tests in Scene module

197 failed tests in Renderer module

However no test failed in Core and DyanamicScene modules.



[1] https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzo2lpeowoydg2v/wgl_report_2.txt

Hi Ayudh,

Thanks for the details. We have some info on Optimus in our FAQ - http://cesium.agi.com/FAQ.html#nvidiaOptimus

As long as Sandcastle is OK, I wouldn’t worry too much.




I have finished reading the cesium architecture, and also the czml guide, czml in cesium and also the czml structure. I think the area of focus for the GSoC 2013 idea ‘vector data visualization with JSON’ as Matt said is the dynamic scene module of cesium. And I have a shallow idea of the module now. To know more about czml I also studied the java code of czml-writer project. Please direct me towards some bugs or ideas where i can get a hands on idea of czml and its use in cesium. Also let me know how the idea is planned to be implemented. I would like to work early on a proposal so please help me regarding the same.

PS: Already followed the contributor’s guide and completed setting up development environment.


Ayudh Das