I'm looking for contractor


I’m sorry if my post is inappropriate on this forum. If yes, please, let me know and tell me where I can post my message.

I’m looking for a contractor to work on cesium integration in our angular 4 app.

I built maptimize service. You can see a demo here http://onemilliontweetmap.com/ and I want to port our JS api to have the same rendering/behavior on cesuim globe.

I already did some tests and verified that it can be done but I don’t have enough time to implement it.

I also need to display some 3D object like flying arcs, …

I really hope that someone is available and interested by that project. If yes, please contact me as soon as you can.



Hi Sébastien,

We tweeted this from the @CesiumJS account to help spread the word.



Thanks a lot Patrick!