Thoughts on Angular/React/Vue with Cesium?

Hi all,

Not trying to open a debate on which of these is a better JS framework in general, but can anyone chip in some thoughts on their relative merits specifically around a Cesium based app? Does anything in the 3 frameworks play particularly well or poorly with Cesium?

We’ve been developing an app which is going really well, but we’re approaching the point of refactoring into one of the main frameworks for better architecture going forwards, so keen to hear if anyone has a recommendation or has hit issues integrating with any of them.



Been happily using Cesium in a React app, and wrote a couple posts on some of the basic techniques a while back:

Let me know if you’ve got any specific questions around this.

Angular (Or better Typescript) Pain in the A...

Just more stuff to chase ...

Resource sucker. Last update 6.1 halved my FPS :confused:

Just from browsing the forum I’d say I’ve seen React and Angular in equal measures. Although we do have more resources/examples with Cesium in Angular:

Anyone else seen similar performance issues using Cesium with Angular?

Other than this post, it seems people are using both React and Angular pretty happily with Cesium, so nothing fundamental for or against either way, just a matter of preferences I guess.

Thanks all.