Anyone who has some insight into complications of adding a new tiling schema like WebMercatorProject

What are the main tasks of creating a new tiling schema?

Is cesium reprojecting on the fly from WebMercator to ?

I would like to make something work with a TSM using as its coordinate system and a custom tiling scheme. So a few pointers on where to start would be good.

Alternative, what are the roadmap for this? if any.

Hi Poul,

You’re planning to use the new tiling scheme for an imagery provider? If so, this is likely to be pretty hard. I highly recommend reprojecting ahead of time or on the server instead.


I found that and have got everything working with except for everything is offsetet with 100km :slight_smile: That was with adding proj4 support and implementing a MapProjection(string:epsg) class that used proj4 to do project/unproject.

I am in the process of looking into how TilingSchema uses its tilexy functions to remap tiles to the globe and if this fails I will fall back to reprojecting on the server.

I succeded in getting it working on the client,, but as seen there are a few artifacts. Need to figure out where exactly this happens since there should not be much difference from this and google/bing tiles.

Anyone who can confirm that there is done nothing special for the epsg:3857 projection in the core of cesium and all logic is handled in the MapProjeciton and TilingSchema, then I know that the issue can be solved outside the cesium core.

Just for reference, the tiling schema I got working is documented here:

also here is the current code I am using to do so.

not much changed from original code of cesium.

Here is a code snippet that can be copy pasted into sandcastle to show the issue also.

Hi Poul,

Can you please share the code once again? I am also trying to make it through web mercator tiling scheme. That will help me to strengthen my ideology.


Hi Poul ,

Can you schare your code again? I want to create a tiling scheme for EPSG:2056