ImageryLayer._reprojectTexture() check

I am attempting to implement a custom TilingScheme. I'm getting foiled by the check in ImageryLayer.prototype._reprojectTexture() which checks if this._imageryProvider.tilingScheme instanceof GeographicTilingScheme.

Shouldn't that be checking this._imageryProvider.projection instanceof GeographicProjection instead?

I'm attempting to implement a TilngScheme that passes through to an OpenLayers' TileGrid class (for use in/with ol-cesium). The OpenLayers class is better for handling providers which have zoom factors other than 2 or zoom levels which do not have a consistent zoom factor between them (think WMTS or GeoPackage tiles where the creator ignores all common sense and compatibility).

Alternatively, if Cesium had a similar arbitrary tiling scheme, I could also use that.

I can make a PR for this if you like the idea.


I’m guessing you meant replace it with:

this._imageryProvider.tilingScheme.projection instanceof GeographicProjection

That makes sense to me, so I’d be happy to review and merge that PR.



Here's the PR:

I went ahead and changed all the places that same kind of check was being done.