Apply Styling to 3Dtiles with colour

I have some models that have elements with colour. When I apply a style to them, it looks like the colours mix. Is there any way to allow the style being applied to override the existing one so that the lime colour I am using is consistent even if the element is coloured?


It’s hard to identify the reason for the unexpected result based on two screenshots. But first steps of an analysis could be:

  • What is the expected appearance?
    • A guess: Do you expect the green front wall to be a lighter/brighter green?
  • Can you provide information about the model?
    • Another wild guess: Is this a glTF (GLB) file which uses materials where the metallicFactor is set to 1.0?

In any case, it could be helpful if you could provide the example model and a Sandcastle, so that others can reproduce the result.

Ah, my bad, I should have been clearer, in the two images I have shown, one is highlighting the wall which is white and the green appears clearly. The other image I’ve coloured the left side of the roof with the same lime green colour which turns it a dark colour.

So I am wondering, if there is a way to make the roof lime green rather than it mixing with the red. I will set up a sandcastle so you have an example.

Hi there,

If you’re using CesiumJS, you can adjust the Cesium3DTileset.colorBlendMode to Cesium3DTileColorBlendMode.REPLACE to prevent any color mixing.

That is exactly what I was looking for. Thank you!