ArcGis Imagery Provider - License

Hi There

This is a question about licensing/pricing.

I am building a web app based on CesiumJS using World Imagery Data.

According to the CesiumJS Documentation, I can switch the Imagery Provider to ArcGis using this Code:

imageryProvider: new Cesium.ArcGisMapServerImageryProvider({
        url : ''

But: Am I allowed to use this service in a public web app?

  • Is this covered by my Cesium ION access token/usage limit?
  • or do I need to have a ArcGis subscription for that?

Thanks for any help
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Hi Georg

Cesium includes the JS APIs to access data from ArcGIS but it does not include a subscription or license. The access included in the default CesiumJS Sandcastle is for evaluation only and may not be used in apps. You will need to purchase your own subscription and add your token into your app.

Cesium ion includes access to Bing Maps Imagery, Cesium World Terrain, and Cesium OSM Buildings as part of the subscription. Cesium ion does not include third-party providers like ArcGIS, OpenStreetMap etc.

Let us know if we can help with anything else.