Cesium costs

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I looked high and low on the web, but couldn't find this answer, so decided to bug the collective mind. :slight_smile:
Cesium is noted to be licensed under "Apache 2.0. Cesium is free for both commercial and non-commercial use."
But what about the layers that it's using. Are they all free? Are some free and others not? Is there a place on the net that would outline the costs if any?
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Hello Igor,

Cesium is open source and you can use the library at no cost in both commerical and non-commercial applications.

You will have to look up the terms of use for each data source and imagery layer you are using in order to know the rules for including it in your application. For example, some may be free, but require attribution. Others may require you to sign up for a subscription.



Thank you Hannah.
That's what I was wondering, if there is one reference point that would outline those costs. Or if anyone knew what they were.
I can't imagine I am the first one to face this question, :slight_smile:
I would imagine that every Cesium developer would deal with it at some point.


There’s no such list, but I can point you to the most important info. By default, Cesium uses Bing Maps imagery. Licensing costs for Bing Maps are here:


What’s missing from that table is that less than 10k transactions per month is free. Whether you qualify for the free tier or not, you’ll need to get a Bing Maps key for use with Cesium using the Microsoft Azure portal.

You may also be using STK World Terrain. The terms of use for that are here:


AGI folks: that page has incorrect links to the STK World Terrain data. It’s supposed to be assets.agi.com not cesiumjs.org. But I can’t find a better page. Both Google and the cesiumjs.org Features page link to that page. Probably worth fixing that up!


Kevin. Thank you so much!!!

Thanks Kevin! I’ll fix the links


In case anyone else is looking for this info...

The best I could derive is the following:
OpenStreetMap and Black Marble layers are free.
BingMaps is free up to 10,000 hits per month.
The rest of the layers require payments.

Hope it helps someone to save some time in the future. :slight_smile: