Are Collada DAE files georeferenced?

Hi, currently I am using .dae files to place 3D objects into an application called UgCS. The way it is instructed is to link the files to a .kml which helps to orient the object onto the world map within the application. However the extra step of formatting and registering the .kml is tedious. My question is, do .dae files already have a global coordinate system in them? Specifically, if I comment-out the Lat/Lat values within the .kml file, will there be some natural, internal, coordinate system within the .dae that will ‘take over’ and place the object on the world according to that? I am hoping that I can export the dae file with internal Lat/Lon values associated with it and then not worry about setting the values in the .kml. I am a noobie so I apologize for hacking the terminology and systems. Thank you!