Attitude of model relitive to the sun

My employer wants to have the model, that goes in space, to have its attitude reflect the sun position. So how a model defaults to the quarternion identity of (0,0,0,1) it is relitive to the earth’s axsis. How would I keep the position relitive to the earth but the attitude to always reflect the sun position?

So we want the sun to always be at the bottom of the spacescraft like how the earth is in default.

So you want an object (spacecraft) to match the Sun’s azimuth from the camera, and be at a slightly higher angle_elevation than the Sun to the camera?

Not to the camera I still want the camera fixed on the spacescraft. However, I want the spacecraft’s attitude/orientation to be in the suns reference frame. Fro example, as the sun rotates around the earth the bottom of the spacesraft i.e the -z axsis will be pointing at the sun with a quarternion of (0,0,0,1) and when I rotate the spacesraft on the x axis it rotates within the frame of the sun.