(b27) vertexPositions.cartographicRadians ignoring 'height'


Since upgrading from b25 to b27, we are noticing that polylines the behavior of “vertexPositions” may have changed but are unable to find any documentation linking to a specific change.

For example, in the past, we generated CZML for various polylines using:

var czml = { …, “vertexPositions”: “cartographicRadians”: <arrayOfCartographics containing lon, lat, altitude>… };

After upgrading to b27, altitude seems to be ignored and the polyline will render directly onto the surface of the globe.

Is there anything that strikes you as a possible cause? Should we no longer use “vertexPositions”?

Thank you.

Thanks for the bug report. I found a typo in the code that is causing the problem. The fix is easy and I’ll add a unit test to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

When unpacking the array, instead of “height = tmp[i + 2];” the code was “height = tmp[i] +2” the end result is the height ends up being “longitude + 2” instead of indexing into the actual height value.

You can fix this yourself by modifying like 882 in CzmlDataSource. b28 will release on Thursday with the fix, so you can also just wait until then. It’s up to you.

Thanks again for the bug report.

Here’s the PR for the fix. https://github.com/AnalyticalGraphicsInc/cesium/pull/1662

Thanks, Matt, we applied the fix in our version of b27. We’re going to move to b28 anyways so rather than rebuild the min-ified version, I may just wait until the next release.

Thanks for the very quick response and I’m glad it was something simple.

  • Chris