Basic CZML examples

Hi All,

I’m trying to output CZML from spatial data from my web application and am having trouble trying to grok how to write valid czml for points/lines/polygons.

Part of my issue is the way the CZML content guide on github is structured. It is very hard to navigate through a single page that has no navigational aids and no basic CZML examples included. The CZML examples that I could find try to show all the bells and whistles, when all I’m really wondering is where all the lat/lon coordinates from my points/lines/polygons go in the CZML structure.

Can anyone provide or point me to a minimal barebones CZML example for points, lines and polygons?

  • Jackie

simple.czml, included in the Apps/SampleData folder, might be a good place to look. We are actively working on a major overhaul of that page (it’s genereated Markdown from JSON schema) as well as simpler, more comprehensive examples; but we don’t have anything yet.