Best practice to build 3d app

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I hope it it the right place to post my question or to seek advice, but correct me if I’m wrong.
I have to build an app for our costumer that need “something like google earth”, in his words.
The app should render a 3d model of the terrain, some data from PostgreSQL/postigs and Oracle db anche some raster (ortophotos mostly). I was wondering about the best solution in my case.

I thought that the best solution would be

  1. put everything on cesium ion and stream the data from there.
    But i’m not quite sure about how to deal with db vector data that can be updated and modified by the end-user (with other tools). Is there something I’m missing?
    Can I serve vector data as wms/wfs with an applicaton server such as Geoserver/QGIS server?

  2. Another concern is the possibility that the costumer does not want to use ion and I had to create the
    the terrain tiles myself with someting like this but the managment of the db vector data will be more or less the same and in the end it’s tha main doubt I have.

I’m sorry if it’s not the right place or the right way to post this question, feel free to close it in that case.

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