What is the best method to generate vector tiles from our data in database

Can someone please help me to find tools to generate 3d vector tiles on my server side and draw them on map, My data are parcel data and I want to extrude them, due to a large amount of data it is not a wise method to add data from geojson data, so I think there must be a method such as vector tiles (like what is in open layers) or 3d vector tiles (I searched a lot but could not find the proper tools to generate them)

In fact, I am very interested to find out how you have generated 3d vector tiles for the example in http://cesiumjs.org/NewYork but I have no idea how those data are generated


Hey Majid,

I believe the New York dataset was first converted into 3D models and then tiled. If you’re interested, we do have some commercial tiling tools, as well as some experimental vector tiling pipelines. Please reach out to Tim (tim@cesium.com) to find more about that.

Actually, I think in this case the New York dataset was CityGML, which Cesium ion can tile (cesium.com/ion).

Is there any open source or pipelines to convert data to 3d tiles?

I’m not sure about open source, but there is an on-premise CLI version of ion you can check out here:

If you’re interested, send Tim (tim@cesium.com) an email and he’ll get back to you.