Big billboards issue?

having billboards bigger than 16384(maximum texture size) should result with an exception?

Yes, there are hardware limitations to the size of billboards (and all images and textures for that matter). Are you trying to create a single billboard that large? Or are you running into this issue in another form?

I run into this in the following scenario:
I am creating a billboard between two points on the map and on each zoom in\zoom out the billboard size need to change(it changes in such a way that the billboard keeps its texture the same without stretching it, for instance:
If the billboard is striped lines | | | |,
So when zooming in - there will be more stripes and when zooming out there will be less stripes).
Anyhow - this means that overtime I create a new billboard and as I zoom in the billboard gets larger and larger.

The billboard is a repeated image after all.

Do you have any other idea of implementing this kind of riddle?