Big news for Cesium: the Cesium Consortium with Bentley Systems

Hi all,

I want to share some of the biggest news about Cesium since we started it almost six years ago.

AGI has kindly been funding the core Cesium team, which has gotten us far: Cesium is used everywhere from real estate to sporting to aerospace; glTF is broadly adopted by WebGL engines and major industry players; and 3D Tiles have proven the vision of how open formats can create useful access to the vast amounts of massive 3D geospatial datasets.

Given the fantastic growth of Cesium’s user community, we need to grow the core team to accelerate Cesium development and creation of related open formats: glTF and 3D Tiles.

AGI and Bentley have created a partnership to form the Cesium Consortium to create this growth.

Bentley has adopted Cesium for many of their applications such as visualizing high-resolution reality models created from their photogrammetry tools, and detailed engineering models created with their design tools.

The Cesium team - Sean, Dan, and me in particular - have worked closely with Bentley. They are using every nook and cranny of 3D Tiles, which is helping us tune the spec and make an optimized renderer in Cesium, both of which benefit everyone. Bentley’s vision of Cesium - both technical direction and the community focus - is perfectly aligned with our’s.

It is an exciting time for Cesium; between this new consortium and upcoming, the future for 3D geospatial is very bright.

For more info, see our blog post. If you want to learn about joining the consortium, feel free to contact me directly at