Billboard alignedAxis seems to be broken in v1.3

Using Cesium 1.2, I had an icon that was aligned with the unit Z axis so it would always point north. I set it using the following code (which comes right out of the Billboard documentation):

// Example 1.
// Have the billboard up vector point north
billboard.alignedAxis = Cesium.Cartesian3.UNIT_Z;

In Cesium 1.2, this worked just fine. However, in Cesium 1.3, the icon points just a little west of due south when the map is oriented with north up and the icon rotation is set to 0.

Is this a new bug introduced in v1.3, or is the documentation no longer correct for aligning an icon to always point north?


Thanks for the report. Looks like we broke this in Cesium 1.3 so I submitted issue #2292. We’ll see if we can fix it for 1.4 on December 1. Good catch!


This issue was fixed in Cesium 1.4.