Billboard and label rendering issue on iPad pro


I’m experincing rendering issues on iPad pro. Does any one else have these probels, are there any fixes for this? The model work perfect on pc and mobile phones, but when I try to view the model on the iPad pro all labels and billboards is cluster, this also happens to tree textures. I checked how some examples was rendering from the sandcastle but they are the same.

I only have a iPad pro 2 or 3 gen to test with so I don’t know how it behaves on regular iPad or Android tablets for that matter. But I feel CesiumJS is so well known now It should not be a problem. Am I missing anything?
I’ve used both chrome and safari.

Thanks in advance

Hi @Albnas,

Would you able to provide the version of iOS where you’re seeing this issue?

As a point of note, on iPad and iOS, all browsers including Chrome uses Safari under the hood.

Hi @Gabby_Getz

I have now checked. Ipad pro 11, 2gen running ios 15.3.1.

I will update to the latest software and see if the problem persists.


The issue is resolved with software update.

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