billboard image hyperlink

Hi Hannah,

How can i add hyperlink on billboard "image" property.

I am displaying "image" : "./images/icons/airplane_02.png" based on some status but i also need to add dynamic url and make that clickable.
how can i do that ??

       $czml_data = '

                    "id" : "'.$id.'",
                    "name" : "'.$value["AircraftRegistrationNumber"].'",
                    "description" : "'.$flight_details.'",
                    "billboard" : {
                     "image" : "./images/icons/airplane_02.png",
                      "scale" : 1.5
                     "position" :
                            "cartographicDegrees" :






Hello Trulia,

This functionality isn’t supported. Billboards can only be an image.

However, you might be able to implement this kind of functionality using picking. Look at the ‘Pick Entity’ part of this demo to see how to make a handler for picking a billboard: