Billboards disappear when reversing time on the timeline


Currently I have a scenario with a site and a couple satellites. Each satellite has multiple status periods. My goal was to have the billboard image for the satellite change depending on these intervals. I am accomplishing this by creating a timeInterval, setting the start and stop as the start/end of the status period, and adding the image icon to the data property. I do this for all the periods specific to that satellite and store them in a timeIntervalCollection. Lastly, I assign the collection to the billboard image property. The issue I’m seeing is, at first, it runs fine. But when I reverse time, the icons disappear and there is a label “graveyard” afterwards.

My scenario runs until the end of October 25th. To reproduce, drag the timeline cursor until all satellite icons have initially disappeared. Then reverse the timeline to see the icons disappear. Continue going back through the timeline until reaching October 23rd to observe the labels still appearing on the globe.

I currently have a sandcastle demo attached that displays the issue. When looking through other discussions, I saw , but am unsure if my issue may be related.

Operating System: Windows 7 Enterprise

Cesium Version: 1.24 (Not sure what sandcastle uses, but this is my local one).

Chrome version: 53.0.2785.143 m (64-bit)

Thank you for your assistance in this!

ScenarioExample.html (188 KB)


It sounds like your issue is related to this:

That has been fixed and will be included in the Cesium 1.27 release coming out on November 1st. If you are still seeing this issue after then, please let me know.